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> Emne: [DIGLIB] NISO Announces Cost of Resource Exchange 
> (CORE) Protocol as a Draft Standard for Trial Use
> Participants Needed to Implement and Provide Feedback on the 
> CORE Standard That Exchanges Financial Information Between 
> Library Systems
> NISO's CORE Working Group announces the publication of 
> Z39.95-200x, Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE) Protocol as a 
> Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSFTU). The CORE draft standard 
> defines an XML schema to facilitate the exchange of financial 
> information related to the acquisition of library resources 
> between systems, such as an ILS and an ERMS. The document was 
> approved on March 31, 2009 by the Business Information Topic 
> Committee, which provides oversight to the CORE Working Group.
> The CORE standard is being issued for a one-year trial use 
> period, to run from April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010. 
> Following the DFSTU phase will be an evaluation and 
> correction period before final publication.
> The CORE draft standard identifies a compact yet useful 
> structure for query and delivery of relevant acquisitions 
> data. "Sharing acquisitions information between systems has 
> always been a difficult problem," said Ted Koppel, AGent 
> Verso (ILS) Product Manager, Auto-Graphics, Inc. and co-chair 
> of the CORE Working Group. "The rise of ERM systems made this 
> problem even more acute. I'm glad that we-through the CORE 
> standard-have created a mechanism for data sharing, reuse, 
> and delivery."
> The DSFTU phase allows the draft standard to be tested and 
> validated by implementers and the marketplace prior to final 
> publication. The trial work will also serve as an opportunity 
> for the information community to provide the CORE Working 
> Group and NISO with feedback on the draft, including the 
> identification of any errors or omissions that may arise 
> during the trial. The intent of this period is to discover 
> and subsequently address such issues, with the goal of 
> creating a more perfect CORE standard.
> Trial participants will be asked to implement the CORE 
> protocol in their own organization (or with another trial 
> implementer), participate in the CORE Interest Group list 
> during the trial to share experiences, and provide feedback 
> on any needed changes to the protocol prior to final issuance 
> of the standard. The CORE Working Group will be available to 
> provide guidance and answer questions and will continue to 
> develop support documents during the trial. All comments will 
> be reviewed regularly by the Working Group and will be 
> responded to and made public at the end of the trial use period.
> Anyone interested in participating in the trial or who would 
> like additional information should contact NISO using the 
> Contact Us form available online at www.niso.org/contact.
> Resources
> CORE DSFTU Document: http://www.niso.org/standards/z39-95/
> About the CORE DSFTU Trial Period: 
> http://www.niso.org/standards/draft/
> CORE Working Group Home: http://www.niso.org/workrooms/core/
> CORE Interest Group Discussion List: 
> http://www.niso.org/lists/coreinfo/
> Business Information Topic Committee: 
> http://www.niso.org/topics/businfo/
> Cynthia Hodgson
> NISO Technical Editor Consultant
> National Information Standards Organization
> Email: chodgson at niso.org
> Phone: 301-654-2512
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